7 Habits of 7 Highly Successful PeopleSeven successful Central New Yorkers shared their insights on successful habits on the morning of September 18 at CenterState CEO’s 7 Habits of 7 Highly Successful People. Value, love, passion, authenticity and surrounding yourself with smart, positive people were common themes among the seven leaders.

Here are a few tips from the group.

Tim Kennedy, President, Syracuse Media Group: Develop a planning and time management system that works for you and helps you take control and stay focused on your priorities.

Dr. Linda LeMura, President, Le Moyne College: Find your balance in life. There’s more than work. There’s family, and spirituality, and faith and gratitude. And, have some chutzpah.

Jason Smoral, General Manager, Syracuse Chiefs: Don’t be afraid to wear a mascot suit – or don’t ask your staff to do anything you wouldn’t do.

Tim Penix, Director SUNY Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center: Don’t be afraid to be the dumbest person in the room, ask questions and listen.

Maryann Roefaro, M.S., FACMPE, CEO Hematology-Oncology Associates of CNY: Be resilient. There are no failures, just redirections. There’s an opportunity in every life challenge.

Aminy Audi:, CEO & Chairman L. & J.G. Stickley: Make your own definition of success and personal mission statement; realize it is an ongoing journey with a road that is always under construction (much like 690).

Solon Quinn, Managing Partner, Solon Quinn Studios: Set goals that others may think are crazy. If you have a passion, follow it and take risks that others would not.

Last tip, read moderator Stan Linhorst’s weekly column on leadership on syracuse.com and in The Post-Standard.