Those who understand their customer best win

George Kuhn | Owner and President of Drive Research

One thing is for certain, digital marketing including SEO, SEM, social, and video created an endless pool of user data to analyze. This leaves many organizations, including those in Central New York, in a data-heavy and insight-light position.

As a result, organizations are trying to find ways to pull insight and action from the mountains of available data. This could include answering questions like, “What does this data point mean?”, “Why did our campaign with this message perform better?” or, “How can we learn from this for next time?”

Voice of Customer (VoC) market research is an investment which offers intelligence in areas where Google Analytics and digital marketing platforms fall short. It provides the “why” behind the “what” data. Moreover, it provides knowledge, power, and confidence to make fact-based decisions.

VoC employs a simple approach of asking customers for feedback and making changes to align next steps in strategy with those needs.

VoC changes marketing approaches from fire, ready, aim…

To aim, ready, fire.

Here are 4 simple ways VoC can improve marketing, help users take action, and improve ROI.

Understand customer behavior

Wouldn’t it be great to know where customers spend their time and how much of it in each channel? VoC ensures marketing budgets are reflective of where customers are spending time. It makes sure the marketing budget pie matches the customer behavior pie.

Create personas

One of the key benefits to digital marketing is the ability to create several targeted campaigns. Think of it this way, instead of throwing up a single billboard on the highway with one message to all drivers, imagine if you could create ten different billboards for your brand that changed for each passing car catered to that driver’s motivations, buying history, and demographics. VoC can create these broad buyer profiles and segments for targeting.

Dig into buyer motivations

Better is the opinion of the buyer, not the seller. VoC digs into reasons why customers buy a specific brand and why they choose it over competitors.

Track KPIs

A simple survey can help track those previously unattainable key performance indicators in marketing such as awareness, brand image, perceptions, etc. A pre and post study helps you understand how the dial moved in key areas before and after your campaign.


Those who understand their customer best win, particularly in a competitive vertical. Better understanding behaviors, segments, and motivations of your customers ensures your marketing strategies are aligned with how your customers act and what they want from your product or service.

Voice of Customer (VoC) is a win-win for both parties, customers and businesses alike.

George Kuhn

George Kuhn  |  President and Owner of Drive Research

George is the  Owner and President of Drive Research, a new market research company in Syracuse