2023 Tourism Marketing Trends

Travel and tourism continue to increase in 2023, with over $93B spent in February, according to United States Travel Association. Even with rising costs due to inflation, people still have a strong desire to travel. But how can the travel and tourism industry satisfy the desires of these travelers? AMNY Travel Marketing can help you achieve marketing success in this growing market. Here are a few of the trends we are watching right now.

The Customer Experience Is More Important Than Ever

Anyone in the travel and tourism industry can agree — the past few years have been stressful. Now, as people get situated in the new normal, travel seems viable again, and they don’t want to be disappointed. They want the travel and destination experience to meet their expectations as much as possible.
This is where customer service skills shine. Is training in place for employees to handle complaints? Does your team have the marketing capabilities to revise and revamp videos, photos, display ads, and content pieces to reflect the experience? Is it time to tune up your specialty offerings and upgrade opportunities?
The team at AMNY Travel Marketing can help you access and analyze pertinent information about your customers. Through careful analysis, we can create winning offers that target new customers interested in the amenities at your destination.

They Want Green, Eco-Friendly, Low-Carbon Getaways

More and more travelers are interested in taking care of the earth. They like traveling to destinations worldwide, to see, taste, hear, and feel the place. But they want to reduce the amount of pollution used for the trip to get there and back, as well as when traveling during their stay. They want to rent an electric vehicle or take the train. They want to eat organically grown food when they get there. They want natural, plant-based oils to scent their spa experiences. The reasons behind these desires are related to concerns about climate change and personal health.
Eco-tourists are also interested in the welfare of the people and lands where they visit, so they want to limit the amount of garbage left behind and benefit local people and microenvironments during their travels.
These travelers are knowledgeable about environmental issues, aren’t afraid to ask hard questions about sustainability, and aren’t fooled by greenwashing campaigns. Be ready to answer customer questions and position your destination and travel amenities with the help of the experienced marketers at AMNY Travel Marketing.

Expect More Bleisure Travel and Mobile Workforce Travelers

It’s common for professionals to struggle with work-life balance. Modern workers are experimenting with new ways to work and go on vacation. Traditionally, vacations and downtime were frowned upon after a business trip. But it’s becoming socially acceptable for business travelers to ease the stress of all those pressurized meeting schedules and social obligations with personal travel.
Either before or after the business portion of the trip, employees can take advantage of the business destination to plan a vacation. The company has already paid for the trip, and this kind of flexibility can improve employee morale, positively brand the company culture, and provide a refreshed workforce. Business class flights and accommodations, as well as more casual amenities and tours, are in demand with bleisure travelers.
AMNY Travel Marketing can assist you with the special marketing opportunities these customers bring. But it’s not only business travelers who combine work and play. The trend for mobility — where an employee chooses to travel and work at the same time — is increasing in popularity. When the main tool used for tasks is a laptop computer or mobile phone, these travelers are working remotely during longer stays in a variety of travel destinations. They need Internet connections and a level of privacy during work time, as well as recreational outings, sightseeing opportunities, nightlife excursions, and cultural activities during their playtimes.

Take Advantage of Travel Trends with Marketing Experts

AMNY Travel Marketing can help you market to travelers during their decision-making processes. Utilize our creative skills to reach potential customers. There are so many reasons for customers to plan their next trip with your destination in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you hone your marketing campaigns.