Why Video Is Essential in Showcasing Company Culture

If employers have learned anything from the Great Resignation, it should be that Gen Z and millennials expect more from their jobs. They’re pursuing positions that align with their perspectives, foster a better work-life balance, and offer professional development opportunities. High on the priority list is also a positive workplace culture where employees truly feel valued.

What does this mean for your recruitment efforts? Here, AMNY Recruitment Marketing breaks down the company culture formula and how raising awareness around yours can lead to attracting the right talent.

Company Culture:  Why It’s So Important

Company culture is your workplace’s personality – it encompasses the shared values, behaviors, and attitudes within your organization. This includes the written and unwritten rules everyone from the top down is expected to follow. Several different components contribute to a company’s culture and speak volumes about the employee experience, such as:

Corporate mission, vision, and core values

Leadership-employee relationships

Professional development

Achievement recognition

Communication/collaboration strategies

Work and production volume expectations

Decision-making processes

Benefit packages

While many employers think of corporate culture as something that leadership defines, it’s a collective effort. Everyone plays a role in shaping and maintaining the workplace environment, from new hires up to the CEO. There are many benefits to keeping your organization’s environment at the forefront, such as:

  • Employee satisfaction: Workplace culture often defines the overall employee experience.
  • Increased productivity: When your employees feel valued, they feel like their contributions matter and are compelled to do their best work.
  • Employee engagement: The better a company’s culture is, the more passionate and motivated employees are about their roles and the collective mission.
  • Reduced turnover: Satisfied employees are likely to stay longer, so your company benefits from a seasoned workforce and lower onboarding costs.
  • Brand identity and image: A positive company culture has the power to help your company position itself as an industry leader.

Individually, these advantages are wins for any company. Collectively, they can fuel positive results for your business and should be considered as part of your current recruitment solutions.

Using Video to Showcase Your Corporate Culture

When it’s time to hire new employees, one crucial step in the recruiting process is telling your company’s story. Storytelling is a powerful marketing strategy, and company culture videos can prove to be a vital piece of the puzzle. They shape a candidate’s perception of your organization and help them decide if the job suits their needs.

Start by evaluating your unique value propositions (UVPs). In short, what makes you stand out among other businesses in your industry? Some of the things you can highlight in a series of company culture videos include:

  • Sustainability: For many job seekers, environmentally conscious companies are at the top of their list.
  • Diversity: Today’s prospects are seeking jobs that prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion within the workforce.
  • Atmosphere: If your employees have fun on the job or enjoy flexible schedules that combat burnout, consider showcasing those benefits to working at your company.

These videos go beyond your core mission and values. They humanize your brand and raise awareness about your workplace atmosphere so that you attract the right talent. Prospective employees want to get a sense of your company’s personality. They want to hear what your current employees have to say about the work, leadership, perks, and other aspects of the job.

Balancing Company Culture and Recruitment Strategies

Cutting-edge, people-focused marketing solutions help build relationships. Many new hires can tell within the first few months if a job isn’t the right fit for them. Minimizing turnover starts with attracting talent who not only have the right skills for the position but also share your core values. Being transparent about your organization’s culture throughout your marketing messaging helps candidates gain a better idea if they’ll be a fine match before they hit “submit” on an application.

As an employer, this also helps you build a strong, resilient team with the greatest potential for longevity, productivity, and success.

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