Historically, marketers have targeted younger audiences – specifically women 25-54 – who are believed to hold the most decision and spending power. Media selections, marketing creative and marketing budgets have inundated this population for decades.

However, as demographics shift and the adult 65+ population expands, there is an opportunity for marketers to re-assess and re-focus activations geared toward this portion of the population.

Today, adults 65+ hold incredible spending power. Seniors control nearly 70% of all assets in the United States, having five times the worth of the average American, making them the most affluent segment of the population.

Like any generation, adults 65+ have specific likes, dislikes, and sensitivities to consider when developing a ‘senior’ specific marketing campaign. When marketing to seniors, consider the following tone and tactics to build your brand among this audience.

Be A Straight Shooter

Brands targeting seniors have found success in strong, straight forward messaging. Toss aside the flowery language and glossy photos and get to the point – what is the brand and how will your product or service positively impact my life. And while you’re at it, why is it worth spending money on. Make product benefits the centerpiece of your communication and tie them as closely as possible to the senior experience.

Simplicity is Key

Make your user experience simple and streamlined. If you’re offering a coupon, don’t make users jump through hoops to redeem it. Sure QR codes and text to redeem options are helpful, but so is the good old clip and redeem option. The same is true for click through URLs – point this audience to the direct page on your site or put important information on the homepage to make it easily found.

It’s Not Too Late To Build Trust

The quickest way to a consumer’s wallet is to build trust in your brand. If seniors have faith that your product or service will deliver what you say it will, they are more apt to try you out. First-hand experiences from satisfied customers help build the case for your brand. Testimonials, either as written for video referrals, go a long way in building consumer trust quickly. Additionally, Money Back Guarantees offer a safety net for consumers looking to test out a new product or service with minimal risk. Consider creating and promoting these types of guarantees to build up loyalty, especially among seniors.

Make It Exclusive

Whether its senior percent off, a loyalty card, a discount day, free deliveries or birthday gifts, a little promotional pricing goes a long way. Although these promotions may feel like one-offs, they offer up the opportunity for trial, which could lead to a brand switch and ultimately newfound brand loyalty.

Recognize A Diverse Senior Lifestyle

No two seniors are the same. Not all seniors are worried about aging or are having health concerns. Not all have gray hair. Not all are grandparents. They have different interests, different lifestyles and different needs. In your marketing campaign, its important to recognize all aspects of the senior experience and to feature diverse representation of this demographic in gender, race, age and lifestyle, making your brand more relatable to seniors as a whole.

We’re taking some of our own advice and reaching out to seniors with our Medicare print section available Sunday, October 18th in The Post-Standard. The section will include not only timely Medicare information and advice but also content related to living your best 65+ life.

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