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Video is a tool that can be used to drive traffic towards any website or platform. Many in today’s day and age prefer video over text-based articles, a website, or post. However, it is good to have a grasp on what makes a good video and what the proper steps are in order to create one.

There are four essential parts to a video. They are camera, lights, sound, and story. While the actual production of the video needs good execution, it is important to understand the proper measures needed to be taken to set the video up for success. This includes defining the video you want to create and deciding where your video will live. Both steps are done before the beginning of production.

The first step is defining the video which involves choosing the type of content that will be involved and deciding the message that you want to get across. This is because different messages will be cause for different types of videos. For example, there are social media advertisements, tutorials and trainings, educational videos, and many more to choose from.

Another aspect that will affect the type of video and its voice, is the decision on where the video will live. This has to do with deciding what platform the video will be placed on. It could be posted on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, or any other sort of social media, or it could be embedded in your website or broadcasted on television or live stream.

Deciding where the video will live changes the length, script, and tone of the video as each platform has its own unique style. For example, on YouTube it is very typical for a video to be a few minutes long, while on Instagram or TikTok the video is usually much shorter. This can be divided even further by separating the voice of the short video to its respective platform as TikTok usually has more humor to it than Instagram usually would.

This is also where the type of video comes into play and the platform can be separated into another subcategory. If you are posting a tutorial or training video on YouTube, it is okay for the video to be longer long. However, if you are planning on producing an advertisement on YouTube, it is best to keep the video on the shorter side.

You can come to a decision on both the type of video and where the video will live by asking yourself questions that focus on the video from the audience’s perspective. This discussion includes who the audience is, what issues they have, what solutions they are looking for, and what the goal of the video is.

Next you must talk about specific video solutions you can achieve. These questions consist of deciding what you want to show the audience, what you want to tell them, who should deliver the message, how to best deliver the message, and what the audience’s call to action should be.

These tips can be very helpful in strengthening the video’s success. If the video is in line with the voice and the platform and it directly addresses the target audience, the video is more likely to grab the attention of viewers. Creating a structure for the video to be based on will allow for a greater understanding of what the video’s main goal is to accomplish and therefore it will be easier to measure the success once the video is published.

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