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Austin Physical Therapy has served the Finger Lakes residents since 1998. They provide efficient, individualized and cost-effective physical therapy treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal issues. Our client was looking for a logo that tied in the aquatic physical therapy that they offer. The logo that we designed for them is a semicircular design that shows motion and gives a feeling of happiness by using the image of a wispy figure running healthy and healed. The dotted portion on the back of the runner symbolizes a strong healthy spine. The circle emulates a path to healing and the lower half of the circle splash ties in aquatic therapy. The font used is Antique Olive which reflects a fun yet strong and sturdy feel with a slight slant which shares the same forward motion of the person running forward toward progress and healing. This logo design ties in nicely Sport, Spine and Swim whether the tagline is used or not.


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