Content MarketingImagine this: People sharing your story, building your brand and driving people to your website for more information.

Do people do that now for you? Do people share your ads?  Probably not many.

Enter content marketing  – a story that gives readers information that educates your customers, maybe using your company spokesperson as a source. A story that might make people realize that they need your services.

Native advertising positioned next to editorial content on editorial sites has a halo effect. The site placement itself implies trust and piques interest.

Add creative like info graphics, polls, photos, video, listicals and now you’ve got something that can be shared like nothing else.

Content marketing is no longer a marketing want – it’s a vital piece of marketing campaigns – it’s a way to tell your story like no other.  “Look at what the major companies are doing,” said Liz Buffa, Executive Director, Market Development, Advance Local.  “Most of them are doing really interesting content. People don’t care where an article is coming from as long as it’s good information.”

The key is to find content that is interesting and relevant to readers. “Peanut butter content is what you’re really looking for,” said Buffa.  “Content that is snackable and sticky.”

What’s good content?
·         People stories. If you’re a weight loss clinic showcase someone who lost weight.
·         Solve a problem. An energy/power company could be a spokesperson in a story about how to save money on your home energy bills.
·         Something that people want to share. Infographics are great. Why make people read when they can look at something and get the info faster?
·          Inside information, behind-the-scenes look. What do great chefs eat for dinner at home? A local restaurant chef shares his or her comfort food.

What content marketing is not is promotion. Everyone can spot a blatant ad marauding as content. And, actually hurts more than helps your cause.

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