Project Description

Wine Guardian


Wine collectors worldwide turn to Wine Guardian temperature and humidity control systems to properly store and age fine wine. Offering more models, capacities, and options in wine cellar cooling units than any other manufacturer, anywhere in the world.


  • Video Creation


How to Build a Wine Cellar

Wine Guardian wanted a video to inform people and address some of the common questions people have when creating a custom wine cellar. Working with the client we helped develop a video that takes the viewer through a step by step process from framing your wine room to room startup. This video includes custom product animation to illustrate airflow and to engage viewers in a unique and creative manner.

Features and Options Series

Wine Guardian wanted to educate potential customers and installers of the unique features and various model options of their wine cellar cooling units. Our client was concerned that a simple slideshow may not capture the attention desired, so we created a series of videos for them. Each video was created with a modern and clean look targeting a mature audience. The tone and flow of the video gently guide the viewer through each models’ key attributes, enticing viewers to contact Wine Guardian to learn more.

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